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Travelling with a BOV card this summer
01 Jul 2016

Summer brings with it a host of exciting plans to travel abroad! We’ve prepared the following travel tips that will help you get the most out of your BOV Credit Card on your next trip overseas.

Bon Voyage!

Let us know before you go
If you plan to travel to any destination, or you plan to effect hefty payments whilst overseas, it would be wise to advise your branch or call the Bank’s Customer Service Centre on +356 2131 2020 to advise of your destination and length of stay. We will then take the necessary precautions to ensure your card is monitored appropriately.

Always check that you have a valid PIN
Many countries have now introduced the chip and PIN technology, whereby transactions are authorised by means of a PIN instead of a signature. Without a PIN, a merchant could decline a transaction when you try to use your credit card. If you have forgotten or do not currently have a PIN, contact us to arrange for one ahead of time. Once in hand take both your CHIP card and PIN to a BOV ATM and effect a balance enquiry to ensure that they are both fully functional.

Check the validity period of the Card
Ensure that all the cards travelling with you will be valid for the duration of your trip. If any of the cards expire prior to your departure, or during your trip, please contact the Bank’s Customer Service Centre on +356 2131 2020 in advance to arrange for a replacement.

Take more than one card with you
Smart travellers will always seek to ensure that they have more than one card in their wallet (e.g. a BOV Visa Card, a BOV MasterCard or an American Express Card). A back-up brand may prove to be convenient for a variety of reasons and also provides peace of mind.

One of the benefits attached to a premium credit card is the Travel Insurance cover. This cover is a standard travel cover and is subject to the terms, conditions, restrictions and exclusions of the relative insurance policy. In this regard, prior to travelling abroad, it is in your interest to refer to the Travel Insurance booklet to ensure that you are adequately covered. A copy of the Travel Insurance booklet can be found here

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