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Serving for Charity
28 Jun 2018
Preparations are in full swing for the 10th edition of the BOV Marigold Volleyball Marathon, the annual fund-raiser for Id-Dar tal-
Providenza, in Siġġiewi.

Just hours before the kick-off of the 53-hour marathon, it was a race against time: volunteers, staff, players and even the residents
were all hands on deck, ensuring that everything was ready for the start at 6pm tomorrow. The event will be inaugurated by President Marie-Louise Coleiro Preca and comes to an end next Sunday at 11.30pm.
Passion for the home links all volunteers

The marathon sees sportsmanship and volunteerism working hand-in-hand with the sole aim of raising funds to ensure that the home continues to offer a family-like environment for its residents, who now number 115, according to Fr Martin Micallef, the home’s director. A decade ago, together with a small team, he kicked off the first marathon to raise funds to enable the home to keep going.
“This marathon is an incredible journey,” he said. “We have watched it grow to become a permanent fixture in the local calendar of event. The beauty of this marathon is witnessing first-hand the value of altruism of the entire team of volunteers and the players themselves. “Many of the residents follow what is happening closely. They interact with the participants. That is why we consciously choose to host the marathon here at the home in Siġġiewi.”
There are a number of other people who work tirelessly for the marathon to be the success and coordinate different aspects of the event. Yet there is one golden thread that links them all – the passion they have for the home and their love for the residents... a love that keeps them coming back year after year.
Emanuel Zammit, president of the organising committee, still recalls the first edition. “It is difficult for people who have never visited Id-Dar tal-Providenza to understand the hold it has on people. However, the minute you get to know the place and its people, you just cannot walk away,” he said. He is one of many who have been working for the home for over a decade and he even roped in his wife Sandy – who takes care of the food stalls and heads a team of 16 volunteers.
Mary Caruana is responsible for the home’s kitchen for the past 15 years now. Her daily routine involves preparing lunch and dinner for the residents, according to their individual dietary needs. The marathon presents an added challenge for the kitchen, as the staff need to prepare the food for all the players, taking into account their special requirements and timetables, ensuring that the fridge is well stocked for the occasion.
The logistics fell on Tony Sammut who sees that the training grounds and the parking area at the home are set up, be it the main stage, the telephone room where donation calls are received, the children’s entertainment area, the food stalls, the court itself… and the list goes on.
The technical aspect is Stefan Decelis’s realm. A seasoned volleyball player and coach for several years, Mr Decelis chose the final 40 players from the original list of 70. The selection is based on various factors, primarily the technical abilities, commitment and physical fitness.

Making a donation

Contributions can be made by calling 51702012 for a €15 donation, 51802013 for a €25 donation and 51902070 for a €50 donation. A donation of €6.99 can be made by sending a blank SMS to 50618944. BOV Mobile Pay subscribers may also make their donation to the following number 79324834.

Published on The Times of Malta - 28th June 2018
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