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Personal Loans with Added Benefits
01 Oct 2016

Loans come in different shapes and sizes, with different repayment terms and conditions. In principle, the logic is simple – lending is about resorting to a bank to obtain financing for projects that a person cannot fund from his own reserves at that point in time. The bank provides the financing required as long as it has sufficient reassurance that the borrower will be able to abide by his repayment schedule in return for an interest payment on the amount of capital borrowed.

The reasons for seeking financing are multiple – financing one’s studies, purchasing the car or boat of one’s dreams, buying a property or refurbishing one’s home remain the most popular. Having said that, the reason for taking out a loan is always personal to the individual, and purposes are infinite.

How is the customer expected to find the right financing solution for the particular circumstances he is facing at a given point in time?

There is no secret formula, however one of Bank of Valletta’s strengths remains the effort it puts in getting to know every individual customer and building a long-term working relationship with him. This has never been mere sales pitch for us at Bank of Valletta, but a distinctive trademark that our people have nourished and passed on to new recruits. This is what enables us to tailor the financing solution to suit the customer’s particular circumstances at a given point in time. Furthermore, the Bank continuously collates and evaluates customers’ feedback, because we strongly believe that this is the best way to ensure that our suite of products as well as the level of service we are offering is up to our customers’ expectations.

These two factors have led the Bank to package important benefits in its BOV Personal Loans. Along with its flexibility of use, taking a personal loan from Bank of Valletta, one is certain of rapid timeframes for the processing of the application. In general, minimal documentation is required, namely document of identification, invoice of asset / service being financed and evidence of income, in the form of FS3 or Profit and Loss Account.

Recently, the Bank has upped its offering by including another important benefit. All customers taking up a new BOV Personal Loan are automatically eligible for free life cover. This is a benefit which we are including automatically and at no extra charge when a customer takes out a BOV Personal Loan, be it partially secured or completely unsecured. With this benefit, our customers have the peace of mind that their loan is automatically settled should they pass away before they make all the repayments. The free life cover is being made available to all customers aged 18 to 69, for loan balances of up to EUR25,000, whether they take up the facility in their sole name, or jointly with a third party.

At Bank of Valletta, our goal is to partner our customers throughout their life journey. This is the manner in which we gain their trust, and that is why we take pride in the fact that whole families have been banking with Bank of Valletta for generations. This shows that we are offering the right financial instruments at the right time. Going forward, we are committed to remain the financial partner of choice for our customers.

Customers who are interested in learning more about the free life cover may visit, call BOV Customer Service Centre on 2131 2020 or send an email at

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