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The BOV Calendar 2017 - Mis-Sagristija tal-Kunvent
29 Dec 2016

The BOV Calendar for 2017 proposes a series of artistic shots of sacristies from across a number of convents and monasteries across the Maltese islands. True to its origin, the Latin term ‘sacrastia’ denotes a space reserved for sacred objects. In fact the shots feature several vestments and vessels including chasubles, albs, altar clothes, chalices, pyxes and thuribles, as well as special furniture purposely designed to host altar wine, incense and liturgical books.

The shots are unique in their genre because not only do they present the beauty of the furniture and vestments found in these holy places, but they also manage to capture the day-to-day life of the protagonists. Very often, the sacristy serves as a backstage where the protagonists prepare for the celebration of Mass. By capturing the priests, brothers, nuns and altar boys busy at their daily chores, Joe Borg manages to give a warmth to these scenes that makes them come to life.

Even if it treats a subject that is slightly different to those tackled by its immediate predecessors, this BOV Calendar fits perfectly in the series. Like them, it allows the viewer to glimpse a way of life that identifies us as Maltese, that strikes a nostalgic note even if it is a way of life that is still present today, although perhaps well hidden from the hustle and bustle of the frantic every day pace we are accustomed to.

In a small way, through these photos, Bank of Valletta seeks to entice the viewer to appreciate the labour of those who constitute an important link in the community, though they are not at the front line.

Click here to download the PDF version of the BOV Calendar 2017.

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