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BOV Loans go Eco!
14 Oct 2022

In a bid to drive awareness on the importance of safeguarding our planet from the ever-increasing threat to the environment, Bank of Valletta is shedding a spotlight on its existing suite of Eco Financing Solutions, which fall under three categories: Personal Energy Loan, Home Energy Loan and Business Energy Loan products.

All these solutions are being offered at an attractive fixed subsidy of 2.5% p.a. on the interest rate for the first 10 years of the loan. This means that if the current variable interest rates remain unchanged, during this period, the Personal Energy Loan and the Home Energy Loan will be offered at interest free! All energy loans come with an extended loan term, with the waiving of processing fees and early repayment fees as additional benefits. Customers opting for a Personal Energy Loan do not even require making any contributions or placing any security or collateral.

The Bank already stepped up its efforts within the ESG framework and embarked on a number of environmental initiatives to reduce its carbon footprint, whilst performing day-to-day business activity. The focus now shifts to both personal and business customers seeking financing options, to do the same. Those customers who, like Bank of Valletta, have the environment at heart, have the opportunity to take the initiative and make a positive impact, while at the same time personally benefiting from these Eco Financing Solutions.

Alan Micallef, Lead Consumer & Micro-Business Finance at Bank of Valletta remarked that in a context of a constant increase in global energy prices, and in line with Malta’s commitment to make Europe a Carbon Neutral Continent by 2050, consumers are bound to start considering seriously the benefits of investing in renewable energy solutions. Personal Customers can opt for either the Personal Energy Loan aimed primarily at financing PV Panels, purchasing Electric Vehicles and improving Energy Efficiency at their households or else choose the Home Energy Loan which gives them the possibility to borrow a higher amount and on a longer term.”

Mark Scicluna Bartoli, Head Product Management & Development – Business Banking remarked that “all our energy loans benefit from a guarantee offered by the European Union, the European Investment Fund and the Government of Malta under the Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy Malta Fund (EERE). This places the Bank in an advantageous position to provide our customers with a low interest rate and collateral terms together with an attractive interest rate subsidy.  Thanks to the Business Energy Loan, we can keep supporting businesses to finance energy-efficient investments to reduce their operating costs.”

Interested customers may wish to contact us online. Our loan specialists deployed at BOV branches will be guiding customers in choosing the energy loan that is best for them or their business. 

The BOV Personal Energy Loan, the BOV Home Energy Loan and the BOV Business Energy Loan are financially supported by the Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy Malta Fund (EERE) which is co-financed by the Republic of Malta and the European Union under the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF). The objective of this fund of funds and its first loss guarantee combined with an interest rate subsidy scheme is to support the access of the final recipients for their investments in energy efficiency and renewable energy measures.

All loans are subject to normal bank lending criteria and final approval from the Bank. The term of the personal and home energy loans must not go beyond retirement age. Further terms and conditions are available from



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