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Salaries and Batch Payments
Bank of Valletta is participating in a national drive towards reducing cheque payments in favour of a more efficient digital payments strategy for the benefit our customers, partners and shareholders alike.

Switching to batch payments is also convenient due to additional savings from cheque charges.

Batch payments will also free up your staff’s time for more productive work and purchasing envelopes, postage, reconciliation and storage will be a thing of the past. By uploading batch payments, processes are also improved leading to a reduction in errors. 

SEPA Credit Transfer (SCT)
  • Convenient pricing structure
    • Salaries are charged at €0.12
    • Payments of up to €1,000 are charged at €0.15
    • Payments of more than €1,000 are charged at €0.75
  • Decide who uploads and administers your internet banking.
  • Maintain control of payment files by allocating approval rights to users of your choice.
  • Payments are delivered to beneficiary instantly.
  • Payments to third party banks are delivered within 24 hours.
  • Safe, transparent and use of an EU-wide industry standard using IBAN.

The online functionality will require your IT’s input to setup and test the online payment system. 

Non-SEPA Credit Transfer:

With Non-SEPA batch payments, you can pay in most major currencies:
  1. Cut down on processing times
  2. Benefit from a favourable exchange rate automatically for payments over 30,000. 
0.125% (maximum €25.00) +  €11.65 Transmission charge + Foreign Bank charges will be applied as charged by foreign Banks. 

Contact us now for more information. Choose below!


Minimum 10 Payments per batch
Minimum 10 Payments per batch
Minimum 10 Payments per batch

You will receive an automated confirmation reply via your e-mail and we will contact you back. 

Important Information

TOnly the legal representatives of the company applying for the service are allowed to sign the documents as identified in the Memorandum of Association.

The above process is subject to a Due Diligence process which may vary according to the needs and area of operation from which the company operates. Should all required criteria be met on time, the process takes 3 weeks to complete.

Other charges may apply as per the Bank's Tariff of Charges


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Non-SEPA Credit Transfers file layout
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Bank of Valletta p.l.c. is a public limited company regulated by the MFSA and is licensed to carry out the business of banking and investment services in terms of the Banking Act (Cap. 371 of the Laws of Malta) and the Investment Services Act (Cap.370. of the Laws of Malta).