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MAPFRE MSV Life Investment Bond
Diversify and balance your portfolio by investing in a wide range of assets.
Terms & Conditions
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The Investment Bond is a whole of life single premium insurance policy linked to the value of underlying investment funds. The plan is available in three currency versions (Euro, US Dollar, or GB Sterling) and each currency version is available in a Standard version and a Premier version.

Why should you opt for an MAPFRE MSV Life Investment Bond Plan?

·         It gives you the potential for medium to long-term capital growth;

·         It gives you access to your money by making one-off withdrawals;

·         It allows you to choose from a range of funds to match your investment objectives.

What is the MAPFRE MSV Life Investment Bond Plan?

·    It is a unit-linked whole-of-life single premium plan, the value of which is linked to the value of the underlying investment funds that you choose.

         You may link your investment under the Plan to one or more funds that may be made available.

·      The Plan is available in 3 currency versions (Euro, US Dollar or Pound Sterling) and each currency version is available in a Standard version and a Premier version.

·     You can choose to invest from amongst a range of external investment funds managed by Fidelity Investments, JP Morgan or BOV Asset Management. Under the Euro version of the Plan you can also choose the MAPFRE MSV Life With-Profits Fund.

These are the main features of an MAPFRE MSV Life Investment Bond Plan:

Type of Plan

Whole of Life Unit Linked Investment Bond

Minimum Premium

€/$/£ 3,000 


You should view your Plan as a medium to long-term investment, which means it should normally be held for at least 5 years.

Age at Entry

3 months and a maximum of 85 years

Additional Top-Ups

Minimum €500 and subject to the applicable top-up fees.


Single or Joint

Investment Choice

·         A selection of Fidelity International JPMorgan, Invesco and BOV Asset Management.

·         Up to 50% allocation in the MAPFRE MSV Life With-Profits Fund (Euro-denominated version of the product only)


2 free switches per calendar year

Withdrawal of Regular Bonus

Any regular bonus declared under the MAPFRE MSV Life With Profits Fund may be withdrawn without deduction of the relevant exit charges. This applies to the Euro-denominated version of the product only.


You can appoint one or more beneficiaries to receive the benefit under the Plan, when this is due. There is no charge for this arrangement to be implemented and it requires only the completion of a simple form. The appointment of a beneficiary (and acceptance thereof) under a life insurance contract does not need to be confirmed in a will and it also supersedes the provisions of a will if there is any conflict between the two.



Interested in knowing more about the MAPFRE MSV Life Investment Bond Plan? Learn more about the benefits it will offer you by clicking on the next tab. You may also request a quote by clicking on Apply Now.

With an MSV Investment Bond Plan, you get all this:


Death Benefit

Payment of 101% of the Policy Account if the Person Covered is 70 years old or younger at the time of death OR Payment of 100% of the Policy Account if the Person Covered is 71 years old or older at the time of death.

Cash Surrender Benefit

  • Option to surrender the Plan in part or in full. The surrender amount is based on the Policy Account and subject to the application of exit charges.
  • Partial cash surrender may be made, subject to:
  • Retention of a sum equivalent to at least the minimum First Premium in the Policy Account;
  • Minimum withdrawal of €/ US$/ £ 500.

Policy Loan Benefit

Option to apply for a loan from us, up to 75% of the Cash Surrender Value of the Plan, using only the Plan as security.

Policy Fee

€/ US$ 30 (Euro and US Dollar versions respectively) and GBP £20 (Sterling version).

Top-Up Fee

€/ US$ 25 and GBP £20 charged when and if Top-Up Premiums are paid.


Exit Charge

Applicable to all funds by reference to the Date of Investment

No exit charge is applied if the Death Benefit becomes payable.

Annual Management Fee

0.2% p.a. deducted on a monthly basis from the value of the Plan (0.3% under the Standard Version).


Switch Fee

2 free switches (or groups of switches requested simultaneously) per calendar year. Switch fee of €/ US$/ £ 25 applicable for the third switch onwards per calendar year. In addition to the switch fee, we may apply MVR if you switch money out of the MAPFRE MSV Life With-Profits Fund within 9 years from the Date of Investment.

Market Value Reduction

This charge is only applicable to the MAPFRE MSV Life With-Profits Fund. If you take out money from the MAPFRE MSV Life With-Profits Fund under your Plan (either as a result of surrender or as a result of a switch), we retain the right to effect a MVR and increase the charge applicable. This reduction is design to protect investors who are not taking their money out and its application means that you get a fair share of the MSV With-Profit Fund.

MVR cannot be applied

·                     after 9 years from the Date of Investment

·                     in the event of the payment of the Death Benefit.

All charges are reviewable by MAPFRE MSV Life p.l.c. and may be changed after the Plan has started, subject to them providing you with at least 90 days notice if they are changed.

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If you require more details about the range of life policies from MAPFRE MSV Life, you may:

  • check out the other MAPFRE MSV Life policies on this site
  • call our Customer Service Centre on 356 2131 2020
  • send us an e-mail at [email protected]
  • click on the ‘Get in Touch’ icon at the right hand corner and submit your query and contact details. We’ll contact you as soon as          possible.


You may also contact any BOV Branch or our BOV Customer Service Centre on 2131 2020 for additional information.
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