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BOV Loyalty Points for Travel


Redeem your BOV points against the value of any airline ticket.

Your BOV Points can now pay for your flights!

  • Purchase of the flight must be effected with a BOV Premium Card participating in the BOV Cards Loyalty Rewards Programme, currently: BOV VISA Platinum, BOV VISA Gold and BOV VISA Flypass Business card;
  • Cashback against the purchase of a flight can be redeemed by contacting the BOV Customer Service Centre within thirty (30) days of the Transaction, provided that this Transaction is displayed as a debit on the customer's credit card account - i.e. Transactions that have not yet been debited to the customer's account are not valid for redemption;
  • The flight is to be purchased directly from an airline - reimbursements will only be made where the description on the card statement displays the name of an airline or a description that can be traced directly to an airline;
  • Flights purchased through travel agents or by travel agents in the course of their business will not be eligible for cashback against BOV Points;
  • Redemptions may be effected with a starting minimum amount of twenty thousand (20,000) BOV Points, and in multiples of one thousand (1,000) thereafter;
  • Partial redemptions for amounts less than the full amount debited for the flight may be considered, at the Bank's sole and final discretion: however the minimum amount being claimed cannot be less than forty five euro (€45);
  • The cashback will be refunded into the credit card account which was used to purchase the flight, within ten (10) working days of the redemption;
  • Amounts which are subsequently refunded by the airline for any reason whatsoever are not eligible for cashback against BOV Points;
  • Redemptions for amounts in excess of the value of the flight as shown on the statement will not be entertained;
  • The conversion table provided above is for information purposes. Exact values can be obtained by contacting the BOV Customer Service Centre (tel. 2131 2020).

    Terms and conditions apply. Please click here to download the latest brochure with the T&Cs

    Sample conversion table for BOV Points redeemed against flights*

BOV Points Cashback
20,000 €45.00
30,000 €67.00
38,000 €85.00
 75,000  €168.00

*This table is for information purposes only. Please contact the BOV Customer Service Centre on 21312020 for exact conversion values
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BOV Cards Loyalty Rewards Programme
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