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Investment Centres
Through the introduction of the Investment Centres concept, the Bank seeks to provide a specialised and compliant financial advisory services to its investment-oriented customers.
Investment Centres
As Malta’s leading financial institution, Bank of Valletta recognises that it must be dynamic in its approach, whilst ensuring that its products and services are competitive and provide an adequate fit to customers’ needs. Through the introduction of six Investment Centres situated in key business locations, the Bank provides specialised and compliant financial advisory services to investment-oriented customers, thereby enriching its relationship banking strategy.

Location of the BOV Investment Centres:
The first Investment Centre was opened in Birkirkara on 1st October 2012. This was followed by another 5, so the Bank’s Investment Centres now are:
  • Mosta
  • Valletta
  • Zejtun
  • Qormi
  • Gzira
  • Victoria Gozo.
Matching clients’ needs, risk appetites and investment products

The centres are part of a restructuring of the Bank’s investment services, which was centred around a comprehensive re-categorisation of the Bank’s wide range of investment products. The Bank’s investment products now fall in five categories, from very low risk to high risk. This makes it much easier for Financial Advisors to match clients’ needs, risk appetite and products available.

Three-tiered approach to Investment Clients
Furthermore, as a result of the re categorisation, the Bank is offering a three-tiered approach to investment clients.

Branches are authorised to carry out ‘Execution Only’ transactions in low risk in-house products, together with local equities and bonds, including government stock issues.

In the event that a customer requires investment advice or is interested in more complex products, the client is referred to an Investment Centre. Each Investment Centre caters for the clients of a number of Bank’s branches within its region. Financial Advisors at each Investment Centre may offer investment advice on all in house products to those clients who hold portfolios up to €350,000. Financial Advisors may also offer advice on local bonds and equities and international securities listed on the BOV selected Bond List as well as a selected Equity List..

Once the portfolio reaches a particular set threshold, the client is referred to the Wealth Management Unit. At the third level, clients with larger portfolios are serviced by Relationship Managers, where an open architecture framework is adopted. Each Relationship Manager is authorised and licensed to provide investment advice across in house and third party products and direct bonds, equities and other financial instruments.

Investing in our Financial Advisors
For the BOV investment advisory project to be a success, it was critical to strengthen existing and introduce new support functions to ensure that investment advisory services lead to quality sales. All the Bank’s Financial Advisors are fully trained, qualified and licensed, with a number of mentoring sessions every year to keep them fully abreast with the various market and product developments that could have an impact on portfolios. In addition, they are given regular briefing by specialists from the Wealth Management Unit and Financial Markets as well as by external facilitators. Regular video conferencing sessions are offered to disseminate information and keep advisors up to date on economic indicators at all times. In addition, Financial Advisors are now working in one office, thus making it easier to share best practices, experiences and to discuss different portfolios.

Every Financial Advisor is individually responsible for a number of portfolios, and is required to hold regular meetings with the clients assigned, either at the Investment Centre or at the client’s house branch, should this be more convenient for the client.

Centres of expertise focused on customer needs
Clients have reacted very positively towards the Investment Centres and have been appreciative of the privacy, the muted atmosphere and the personal attention received. The environment is clean and conductive to the level of discussion required when interacting with our esteemed clients. This is all in line with the Bank’s Brand Promise, our firm belief in a customer-centric approach based on a life-long relationship.

Click here to find one of our Investment Centres
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Bank of Valletta p.l.c. is a public limited company regulated by the MFSA and is licensed to carry out the business of banking and investment services in terms of the Banking Act (Cap. 371 of the Laws of Malta) and the Investment Services Act (Cap.370. of the Laws of Malta).