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BOV Home Loans
At Bank of Valletta we know that whether you are a first time buyer or acquiring your second residence, the purchase of a new home requires careful consideration.

Are you looking for an investment property as part of your property asset portfolio?

Then look no further. At Bank of Valletta we can assist you with a HomeInvest loan specifically designed for such a purpose, which can help you maximise to the full on your new investment.



Terms & Conditions
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The HomeInvest is specifically designed for personal customers who wish to invest in a residential property as part of their property asset portfolio.



The main benefits include:

  • A loan up to €500,000 to purchase and complete a residential property, as part of your property asset portfolio

  • A maximum term of up to 40 years

  • Property may be rented out but no rental income (actual or potential) may be considered for repayment purposes (feasibility of repayments is considered only on income from employment)

Use our Home Loan Calculator to calculate the amount you can borrow, your monthly repayments and more.

A minimum contribution of 20% of the purchase price and completion costs (where applicable) is required. The maximum loan amount cannot exceed 80% of the purchase price (and completion costs, where applicable) or professional valuation of the property, whichever is the lowest.

Loans are subject to normal bank lending criteria and final approval from your BOV branch.

The term of the loan must not exceed 40 years and cannot go beyond retirement age. Other terms and conditions apply.

A 'European Standardised Information Sheet' (ESIS) will be provided from any BOV branch on inquiry. All relative charges, terms and conditions are quoted in the relative sanction letter.

This home loan product is a credit agreement and may be secured by a hypothec or privilege on residential immovable property and/or by a right related to residential immovable property.

In order to obtain the credit, you will also be required to pledge, in favour of the Bank, a life assurance policy covering the loan amount being financed, and a buildings replacement policy, the cost of which cannot be determined in advance.  

In the case of foreign currency loans, possible fluctuations of the exchange rate could affect the loan amount repayable.  In the event of non-observance of the commitments linked to the credit agreement, you may risk losing the immovable property.

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You can choose your next step from the options available below:
  • Visit the BOV branch of your choice for more details or to receive a personalised home loan quotation 

  • Call our Customer Service Centre on 2131 2020 between Monday and Saturdays, from 8.00am to 8.00pm (excluding Bank and Public Holidays)

  • Send us a blank sms on 79696975 (normal SMS tariffs apply) and we will return your call for further details

  • Send us an e-mail at

  • Click on the ‘Get in Touch’ icon on the right hand side and submit your query and contact details. We’ll contact you as soon as possible

Use our Home Loan Calculator to calculate the amount you can borrow, your monthly repayments and more.
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BOV Property Form - ADV111
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Bank of Valletta p.l.c. is a public limited company regulated by the MFSA and is licensed to carry out the business of banking and investment services in terms of the Banking Act (Cap. 371 of the Laws of Malta) and the Investment Services Act (Cap.370. of the Laws of Malta).