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BOV Protect
BOV Protect
BOV Protect

Protecting You and Your Money

Security is of utmost priority for BOV. Whilst the Bank already makes use of state of the art security systems, the computer you use for your internet banking transactions can still be infected by contaminated software (malware), which can lead to online banking fraud.

In this regard, BOV is offering BOV Protect, a free service designed to increase security and keep your computer clean of financial malware. BOV Protect safeguards your computer from fraudulent transactions and identity theft online.

BOV Protect is powered by Trusteer, a market leader in financial security and provider of the Trusteer Rapport software.

Why do I need the software?

Your computer may get infected with a virus or financial malware. Through such malware, a hacker may mislead you into visiting a fake internet banking website and trick you into divulging personal details and banking passwords. This information may later be used to perform fraudulent financial activities on your behalf.

BOV Protect safeguards your username, password and other sensitive login information. It prevents malware and fraudulent websites from stealing your information. The software also protects your online communication and prevents malware from interfering with your transactions.

How do I Install the software?

Click here to download for Windows.

Click here to download for Apple.

Once installed, the software does not require any maintenance or intervention, but will alert you if it detects high risk behaviour and/or financial malware on the PC.

Do I still need my antivirus if I have BOV Protect?

Yes. BOV Protect is a security application designed to complement your antivirus software and does not replace it. Antivirus software is a vital part of your computer’s defences, and you need to make sure it is up-to-date.

How do I know the Software is working?

When you browse the BOV Website, look out for the Rapport icon next to the browser’s address bar.
If the icon is green – you are protected and your information is safe.

If on the other hand the icon is grey, then you’re not protected on that particular site. For assistance call 21312020.

For the Frequently Asked Questions click here

Bank of Valletta p.l.c. (the "Bank") recommends that you install Trusteer Rapport to improve the privacy and confidentiality of the information on your computer. However, the Bank advises that it does not own Trusteer Rapport, and does not grant any warranties, nor does it bear any liability, in connection with the use of Trusteer Rapport. Installation of Trusteer Rapport implies that you agree and accept the terms of its Licence Agreement.

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Bank of Valletta p.l.c. is a public limited company regulated by the MFSA and is licensed to carry out the business of banking and investment services in terms of the Banking Act (Cap. 371 of the Laws of Malta) and the Investment Services Act (Cap.370. of the Laws of Malta).