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Digital signatures
Digital signatures
What are digital signatures? 

Digital signatures allow you to sign documents electronically without needing to physically show up and sign them at a branch, nor print them out at home and send them by postal mail.

The European Commission states, "An electronic signature is a legal concept capturing the signatory's intent to be bound by the terms of the signed document”. The eIDAS Regulation defines three levels of electronic signature: 'simple' electronic, advanced, and qualified. 

The eIDAS Regulation establishes a legal framework for the provision and effect of electronic signatures, electronic seals, electronic timestamps, electronic documents, electronic registered delivery services and certificate services for website authentication.

Benefits of a digital signature
  • It is capable of identifying the signatory
  • It allows the signatory to retain control
  • Changes of the data in the documents, after they are signed, are detectable
  • Easier to search, edit and share
  • A greener approach to signing and storing documentation
  • Ensures first-time accurate completion of forms
  • Automatic reminders direct to your email to complete the documents required
  • Save significant time
  • Enhance the security of the processes
  • Improves customers’ experience
Electronic signing is fast, green, secure and highly convenient, improving the overall experience.

Why are we moving to Digital Signatures?

We are digitising our ways of working to improve your experience and make the signing process simpler and more efficient. Furthermore, signing electronically directly impacts our environment. The below shows data as at 5th December 2023.

A green and black bar chart Description automatically generated

Currently, digital signatures apply to:
  • Human Resources: Employee onboarding documentation
  • Wealth Management: Suitability Report for Review and Stockbroking Transactions - Execution Only (Dealing in Securities - Execution Only)
  • Procurement contracts with suppliers
  • Customer Review Team (CRT): Source of Wealth (AFC01), Customer Information Sheet (KYC Form) and general details needed for an individual who is a Power of Attorney (POA)/Supplementary cardholder of a customer
  • BOV Fund Services (BOVFS): Third-party Transactions
  • Customer Service Centre: Internet and Mobile Banking 
What will the email I receive look like?

Not sure if we at BOV sent you something to sign? Have no fear, just check out our guidance below.  
First thing you should do is check who the email is from. If a BOV staff member sent you documents to sign digitally, the email will come from: 
To help you distinguish a genuine email request for signature from a scam, you may refer to the tips below: 
  • The BOV Logo is placed at the top left of the email 
  • You will see the BOV employee’s email address. Make sure the email is [email protected] (to ensure it is a real email address, check that it is only at the end of the email – no extra letters, numbers, characters or symbols).
Check the clip below to see how you can review and sign a document.

You can refer to the Complete the Signing Session for more information. 

: you will receive automatic reminders from Bank of Valletta – DocuSign until the document(s) is signed.  

After you have completed the signing process, you will be asked if you wish to create a DocuSign account. Please note that you do not need to have an existing DocuSign account to be able to sign documents. Creating a DocuSign account is free – this will, in future, save time when signing documents as it will save some of your information, such as your signature. You will, of course, be able to change your signature type as well at any given stage in future.  

How do I add attachments to a document to provide supporting information? 

1) Select the attachment icon.
A close-up of a document  Description automatically generated
2) Select "UPLOAD A FILE" and select file to attach.
A screen shot of a computer  Description automatically generated

3) Repeat for any additional files you want to add.
4) When you've added the required attachments, click "DONE".

Things to note:
  • These attachments are uploaded to the DocuSign system and shared with the sender and any other signers or viewers on the document. 
  • Attached items are converted to a PDF and must be under 25 MB in size. For more information on supported attachments and file sizes, see the Supported File Formats topic. 
  • You cannot upload zipped or compressed files.
  • You can add more than one file into the Attachment field, however if you have multiple attachments fields which are marked as ‘required’, you will not be able to proceed with signing and submitting the documents.  
See how it works!
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