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The management of your wealth
10 Dec 2015
Wealth Management is generally perceived as the offering of private banking services and investment advice to wealthy individuals and their families. However, it is much more than that.

Aldo Scardino, Bank of Valletta’s Executive Head for Wealth Management stresses that the key to wealth management is the relationship with the client.
Wealth Management is intrinsically about the management of relationships with the clients focused on the growth of their wealth over time. Indeed, these relationships are carried across generations, with many of our long-standing clients introducing BOV to their children so that we can help them grow their own investments with a view of absorbing their future bequests.
Managing a relationship starts with the profiling of the client in order to be able to match appropriate investment vehicles that are adequate for the individual, his circumstances and objectives. All this is a result of a rigorous process, structuring appropriate and suitable investment proposals and their execution, whilst monitoring investments and the safekeeping of assets.

BOV’s ethos is ‘know your client’, and this principle is the cornerstone for the team at Wealth Management. Only by nurturing sound working relationships with our clients can we guarantee a truly personalised service. Our aim is to build a tailor-made portfolio of investments that fits our clients’ financial needs, objectives and risk tolerance. We meet up with every client ensuring we understand his preferences, objectives and individual requirements. Meeting the clients regularly helps us understand the level of risk sought and any other factors deemed important for the investment relationship to succeed.
To make the process more robust, we have a team of dedicated researchers who provide our investment advisors with up-to-date information about financial markets and investment strategies. 
The BOV Wealth Management outfit forms part of the largest financial organisation in Malta, the origins of which date back to 1809, and which to this very date is one of the major drivers of the Maltese economy. We offer the full suite of financial services including personal and private banking, investment management and fiduciary services. Thus, we are in a position to help our clients take charge of, and safeguard their financial future and throughout generations. 

Published on The Commercial Courier Issue 63 - December 2015
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