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How to develop your Eco Home
25 Nov 2022

You can start to reduce your carbon footprint from your own house. By taking numerous simple steps, you can tailor a smart home and contribute to the bigger green picture. Here are some of the measures you can consider.

Smart purchases

Appliances are part of the process when designing your home. Give preference to models that generate energy efficiency.

When buying appliances such as dish washers, washing machines, freezers, TVs and air conditioners, seek energy-efficient models. If you choose smartly and think ecologically, not only will you protect the environment, but you will also save costs on energy consumption!

LED Lamps

We got used to the conventional light bulbs at home. You can seek a more environmental solution instead of these. LED lamps are a perfect replacement as they:

- provide a good level of lighting to your home;

- increase energy efficiency;

- present a 100% recyclable option.

Door and Window frames

Installing new door and window frames is not a low-cost option, but latest systems do offer optimal insulation for protection against challenging weather conditions. These keep your home warm in winter and cool in summer. The cost of such an investment essentially offers long-term benefits as a result of your home’s increased energy efficiency, resulting in reduced use of air conditioning and heating systems.

Solar water heating

Living in Malta certainly comes with one particular benefit, a sunny weather. By installing a solar water heating system, you can exploit this weather’s benefits. This system is perfectly established to ensure hot water supply without the need of electricity.


Most of building heat loss happens through walls, especially ceilings. Well insulated roofs and rooftops can be fundamental towards your goal of developing a smart eco home. This will offer protection from rain and moisture, that will make it properly slanted for rain water to flow to and for thermal protection. 

Make it happen!

If you’re looking to develop an Eco Home and you need financial support, we are here to help you. The BOV Home Energy Loan is one solution to help you make your home more sustainable, better positioned to protect the environment and an enabler of energy saving and cost reduction.

Click here to find out more! 



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