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Bank of Valletta licensed as a Higher Education Institution
22 Jul 2018

Bank of Valletta registered another important first, as was announced by Anthony Scicluna, Chief Officer Ethics and Employee Development. The Bank is now licensed as a Higher Education Institution (License Number: 2018-003) by the National Commission for Further and Higher Education (NCFHE).

Mr Scicluna explained, “Constant improvement is the only way forward. Bank of Valletta has a rich history in designing and running professional programmes for our employees. Over the past twenty years, our Training Centre has also been working closely with external providers to design bespoke programmes targeting the specific needs of our people.” This year has seen the Bank’s Ethics and Employee Development function working hard to meet the requirements of NCFHE for the Bank to obtain the necessary accreditation. Presently the Bank is offering two MQF Level 5 qualifications; the Award in Management and Leadership and the Award in Managing Customer Service Excellence.

Anthony Scicluna went on to say that the Bank’s Training Centre falls under the umbrella of the Ethics and Employee Development function. “Though merely two years old, this function is run by a dynamic team that aims to reinforce the intra-employee culture across the organisation. We feel that this is critical to support the Bank’s strategy as we continue to become a fully-fledged financial services organisation.”

“Our Training Centre is heavily committed to continue supporting its employees by designing and running academic and professional programmes. In this manner, the Bank’s Employee Development strategy is aligned to the overall strategy of investing in its human assets by designing professional programmes addressing the business and regulatory exigencies of our landscape,” he concluded.

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Bank of Valletta p.l.c. is a public limited company regulated by the MFSA and is licensed to carry out the business of banking and investment services in terms of the Banking Act (Cap. 371 of the Laws of Malta) and the Investment Services Act (Cap.370. of the Laws of Malta).