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BOV Deposit accounts
Bank of Valletta offers a complete range of deposit accounts to assist you in managing your day-to-day expenses and savings.
BOV Reserve Cheque Account
The Reserve Cheque account from Bank of Valletta does it all – it’s easy to use, puts you in complete control of your money and offers attractive rates of return.
Terms & Conditions
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The Reserve Cheque Account offers attractive interest rates payable on credit balances of €150,000 or more, every 6 months at the end of March and September. 
This Account is ideal for professionals, corporate and business clients. 
It pays to have a BOV Reserve Cheque Account. This account gives you:

  • Interest on daily balances of at least €150,000; 
  • Opportunity to deposit funds into your account at any time without a minimum deposit amount;
  • Liquidity with instant access to your funds; 
  • Statement issued every six months, in March and September
Interest Rates

Interest shall be paid every 6 months at end of March and September at the applicable interest rate or rates as published by the Bank from time to time, provided that the balance on a daily basis is €150,000 or more. Daily credit balances of less than €150,000 shall not accrue interest. 

Fees and Charges
The BOV Reserve Cheque Account is charge-free provided that you do not overdraw your account.
Fees and charges may change after this product has been acquired and peripheral products may incur their own costs. 
Please contact any BOV Branch or our BOV Customer Service Centre on 2131 2020 for additional information.

Click here for the Product Information Guide

High credit  balances on non-personal account may attract a fee as specified in the Bank's Tariff of Charges
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If you are not a BOV Customer:

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If you are already a BOV Customer:
  • Do you have BOV's 24x7 Internet Banking? Log On to apply
  • Contact our Customer Service Centre on +356 2131 2020 or
  • Apply at your preferred branch presenting valid identification documents - follow this link to find your branch

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Depositors Compensation Scheme
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Reserve Cheque Account - Product Information Guide
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Account Switching - Product Information Guide
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Dishonoured Cheques Code of Conduct
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