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Pay a Third Party with BOV Mobile
Do you want to use your BOV Mobile to pay someone who does not have the App or a BOV account?

No worries, ask for the IBAN number of their bank account and you can pay them through the Pay Third Party.  This feature gives you the flexibility to pay anyone, anywhere in the world, be it - friends, family, suppliers, regardless where they bank.  

Latest Version of BOV Mobile App

If you have auto-updates turned on, your app will be updated with this latest feature. Otherwise you need to update the app through Google Play and App Store

How? It's simple!

  • Log in your BOV Mobile App
  • Tap on My Financials, Payments, Pay Third Party
  • Enter payment details, currency and IBAN of the beneficiary (person you are paying)
  • Select the account from which you would like to effect payment
  • Key in the amount you wish to pay
  • Choose priority of payment
  • Check and Authorise transfer 

Check out our step by step guide for more detailed instructions.

This function is also available on BOV Internet Banking.

Good to know: 

  • The App will automatically verify the IBAN and you will be notified of validity.

  • IBAN can be an account number or a credit card number, in which case you either fill in the Beneficiary Bank BIC or allow the App to apply it.

  • Where charges are applicable:
    • Charges are shared - BOV Mobile user pays BOV charges, the beneficiary will pay his / her bank’s charges
    • The beneficiary’s bank will deduct any charges from the amount transferred

  • ‘Transfer Later’ should only be used if you want to set a future dated payment. Skip if you require immediate payment.


  • Local and foreign payments directly from your mobile   
  • Easy to pay others regardless of whether they bank with Bank of Valletta or not.
  • Simple and fast
  • Cheaper payments
  • No need for queueing 
  • No need to wait to get home or office
You don't have BOV Mobile Banking yet?

What are you waiting for? Download the BOV Mobile Banking App today on Google Play or App Store

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BOV Mobile - Pay 3rd Party user Guide
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