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GO plc sale of BMIT Shares

Bank of Valletta plc will be acting as a Financial Intermediary to the Offer of Shares by GO plc (the ‘Offeror’) in BMIT Technologies plc (the ‘Company’). 

BMIT Technologies plc 

The core business of BMIT is primarily carried out through the following four companies: BMIT Limited (C 39594), Kinetix IT Solutions Limited (C 27726), BM Support Services Limited (C 39699) and BellNet Limited (C 30793) (collectively, the “BMIT Group”). The combined portfolio of the BMIT Group enables it to offer its customers a complete suite of data centre centric services, including hosting and managed services, as well as a range of public, private and hybrid cloud services. These can be deployed at the customers’ premises, hosted at any of the BMIT Group’s data centres, or integrated with services offered by leading cloud services providers. Moreover, the BMIT Group also specializes in the design, implementation, support and optimization of ICT solutions for the corporate sector. 


GO plc is seeking to dispose of a total of 99,761,701 shares representing circa forty nine percent (49%) of its shareholding in BMIT Technologies plc through an initial public offering at an offer price of forty-nine Euro cents (€0.49) per Share. 

79,261,701 Shares, representing 79.45% of the Shares on Offer for subscription, have been subscribed to by Financial Intermediaries who entered into a Pre-Allocation Agreement with the Offeror. 

20,500,000 Shares will be allocated to Preferred Applicants (collectively GO shareholders and GO Group Employees) and to the general public in accordance with an allocation policy (Preferred Applicants will be given preference over the general public).

Preferred Applicants 

GO shareholders as at the Cut-Off Date (i.e. trading of 28 December 2018 and settlement 3 January 2019) will receive a letter and a personalised Application Form directly from the Offeror. 

GO Group Employees may obtain an Application Form from the Offerors or the Company’s offices. 

Preferred Applicants may submit their Applications at any Bank of Valletta Branch and/or Investment Centre by latest 14:00 hours on 31 January 2019 subject to a minimum application of 2,000 Shares and in multiples of 100 Shares thereafter. 

General Public 

Other Applicants wishing to subscribe for the Shares may do so at any Bank of Valletta Branch and/or Investment Centre by completing an Application Form (which will be provided) as from Thursday 17 January 2019 and by latest 14:00 hours on 31 January 2019 subject to a minimum application of 2,000 Shares and in multiples of 100 Shares thereafter.

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This notification is not, and nothing in it should be construed as, an offer, invitation or recommendation to participate in the Offer. Prospective investors are advised to read the Prospectus issued by BMIT Technologies plc dated 7 January 2019. Potential investors are warned that investment in the Offer entails certain risks and urged to read the “Risk Factors” included therein. Investors should be aware that the price of shares may fall as well as rise. Prospective investors are strongly encouraged to seek professional investment advice before investing. 
Bank of Valletta plc is acting as Registrar and Co-Manager to BMIT Technologies plc. Investors may access the BOV Conflicts of Interest in Investment Services Policy which is available on
Bank of Valletta is regulated by the Malta Financial Services Authority and is licensed to carry out the business of investment services in terms of the Investment Services Act (Cap.370 of the Laws of Malta)



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Bank of Valletta p.l.c. is a public limited company regulated by the MFSA and is licensed to carry out the business of banking and investment services in terms of the Banking Act (Cap. 371 of the Laws of Malta) and the Investment Services Act (Cap.370. of the Laws of Malta).