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BOV Deposit accounts
Bank of Valletta offers a complete range of deposit accounts to assist you in managing your day-to-day expenses and savings.
BOV Term Deposit Account
Put your interests first with a BOV Term Deposit account from Bank of Valletta. You may choose the account that suits you from an extensive range of term deposit accounts, starting from a term of one month up to five years denominated in both euro and the major foreign currencies. 
Terms & Conditions
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With a Term Deposit account from Bank of Valletta, you can make your money grow - no matter how small or large the sum of money. 

With a term deposit account denominated in Euro of at least a term of 1 year and a minimum balance of €2,300, you can choose when your interest is paid - monthly or annually. It is also up to you whether the interest is paid in cash or deposited into your Savings, eAccount or Current Account.

Open a BOV Term Deposit Account today. Here’s how:
  • Present your ID Card for identification purposes if you are a Maltese resident. 
  • A bankers’ reference and passport copy is required for non-residents, and 
  • Deposit an initial minimum balance depending on the term that you opt for. 
  • Confirm any minimum balances that are applicable on your term deposit account.
Check out the account’s features and benefits.
You have various options in setting up your BOV Term Deposit Account. You may:

  •  Open a BOV Term Deposit Account for a range of different durations; 
  •  Pledge your fixed term deposit account as security against a loan; 
  •  Monitor your account via the BOV 24x7 Services 
A BOV Term Deposit Account gives you: 
  • Interests which can be either: 
    • Compounded (applicable only on term deposit accounts for the following duration: 7 days, 1 month, 3 months, 6 months and 1 year) or; 
    • Credited into a savings / eAccount / current account; or 
    • Paid monthly (applicable only for 1 year to 5 year term accounts with a minimum balance of €2,300); or 
    • Paid annually. 

  • A deposit certificate at the beginning of every term; 
  • One working day grace (starting from the date of maturity) on Term Deposit accounts of less than one month, during which you may effect withdrawals; 
  • Three working days grace (starting from the date of maturity) on Term Deposit Accounts of one month and over, during which you may effect withdrawals. 
Interest Rates

The interest rates payable on BOV Term Deposit Account are available here.

All Term Deposit Accounts for balances up to €500,000 (or its equivalent in FC) attract the Bank's current published rates. Interest rates on Term Deposit Accounts with balances over €500,000 (or its equivalent in FC) will be quoted upon request.

Fees and Charges

Check out the Tariff of Charges from here. Fees and charges may change after this product has been acquired and peripheral products may incur their own costs. 

Check out the Product Info Guide for the latest updated version of the Terms and Conditions. Alternatively  you may request the Terms and Conditions from any BOV branch, by contacting our Customer service Centre on 21312020 or by sending an email to

High credit  balances on non-personal account may attract a fee as specified in the Bank's Tariff of Charges
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If you are not a BOV Customer:

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If you are already a BOV Customer:
  • Do you have BOV's 24x7 Internet Banking? Log On to apply
  • Contact our Customer Service Centre on +356 2131 2020 or
  • Apply at your preferred branch presenting valid identification documents - follow this link to find your branch

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Term Account - Product Information Guide
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