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Business Deposits
Business Deposits
BOV Night Safe

The BOV Night Safe is the solution to avoid leaving cash and cheques on your business premises or at home overnight.



Terms & Conditions
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What is a Night Safe?

A Night Safe is a service typically used by business clients and other professionals whose business requires the deposit of their business proceeds at the Bank for safety purposes.

The service is very simple to use. Place the banknotes in the appropriate plastic bags (acquired from BOV Branches) and cheques in the cheque deposit envelopes (also provided by the Bank) and deposit them in the Night Safe.  The BOV Night Safe is a trap-door located within the façade of a branch which can only be opened with a specific security key provided by the Bank.

The bags and envelopes are typically collected on the next working day. All banknotes and cheques are deposited into your account following reconciliation.

Your Checklist

To apply for the BOV Night Safe Service, a BOV Customer needs to

· provide the Bank with an identification document and a completed Night Safe Agreement form which can be obtained from our branches. In case of companies, a board resolution is required.

· ensure that cash deposits do not exceed a daily aggregate of €10,000. BOV Customers, whose deposits exceed this limit, can make use of the Bulk Deposit Service to deposit their business cash and cheques. (Click here for further information about Bulk Deposits.)

· have a valid BOV account into which funds are credited and an active Internet Banking key.

Upon application, the Bank provides you with a Night Safe Key which enables you to use any of the Bank’s Night Safes in Malta (excluding Gozo). In case of Gozo, a key will be provided and can only be used in Gozo.  This key is subject to a refundable deposit as per the Bank’s tariff.

How to Use Night Safe Banking

·  Prepare your deposit using the BOV Night Safe Deposit Bags and Cheque Deposit Envelopes provided.

·  Ensure that the QR Code is placed inside the transparent pocket within your Night Safe Deposit.

·  Unlock the Night Safe and open drawer fully.

·  Place the bags and envelopes.

·  Close the trap door.

·  Reopen the Night Safe drawer to ensure that the bags have dropped down into the Safe.

·  Close and lock the trap door.

How to prepare Banknote deposits?

·  You may collect the Night Safe Bags from your preferred branch at a charge as per the Bank’s tariff.

·  Prepare banknotes in packets of 100 pieces per denomination. Loose notes are accepted.

·  Log onto your Internet Banking profile and choose ‘Send a banknotes deposit notification’

·  Ensure that your Night Safe Deposit does not exceed the aggregate daily cash limit of €10,000.

·  After filling out the requested details, you are to print the QR code notification. This notification is to be inserted into the transparent pouch attached to the Night Safe bag. Insert the money, seal, and deliver to the nearest night safe deposit facility.

Only banknote deposits that have the requested QR Code will be accepted. Any deposits that are presented without the requested information will be retained at the Branch and you will be called to collect deposit accordingly.

How to prepare Cheque Deposits

·  Place cheques in the cheque deposit envelope using the respective deposit slip.

·  Cheque deposits should be presented in batches of not more than 50 cheques per batch. Additional cheques are accepted.

·  There is no need to separate BOV cheques from those of other banks.

·  Insert the envelope in the nearest night safe deposit facility.

How to prepare Coin deposits

If you have any coins, these are to be handed to a Bank’s cashier.  Before doing so you are kindly requested to place coins in specified amounts in their designated bags according to the denomination on the coin bag. These bags can be obtained from our Branches. It is important to note that only FULL Coin Bags as per below are to be handed to the Bank’s cashier:

 Coin Bag Denomination
No of Pieces 

                                € 2

 € 1,000
€ 1 
 € 750
€ 0.50
 € 400
€ 0.20 
 € 160
€ 0.10 
 € 120
€ 0.05 
 € 50
€ 0.02 
 € 30
€ 0.01 
 € 20

Night Safe Locations

Attard Branch
Birkirkara - Naxxar Road Branch
Birzebbuga Branch
Buġibba Branch
Gzira Branch
Hamrun Branch
Luqa Branch
Marsa Branch
Marsaskala Branch
Mellieha Branch
Mosta Branch
Msida Branch
Naxxar Branch
Paola Branch
Qormi Branch   
Rabat Branch
San Gwann Branch
Santa Venera Branch
Valletta - Republic Street Branch
Zabbar Branch (temporarily unavailable due to branch refurbishment)
Zebbug Branch
Zurrieq Branch
Victoria Gozo Branch


The BOV Night Safe offers several benefits, including:

Saving you time
It provides a fast, convenient and efficient way to put forward your deposits containing cash and cheques, without having to queue for the cashier. All you need is access to an Internet Connection, together with the 24x7 secure key and a printer.

Once you apply for the service, the key gives you access to any Night Safe around Malta (excluding Gozo). You can use it at any time of the day or night.

Greater security

Night Safes offer greater peace of mind. You do not have to keep cash on your business premises or at home overnight.
Service Fees

Key Deposit (refundable upon termination of the agreement)Existing Agreements
€ 15.00 per key

New Agreements
Signed as from 10 May 2021
€ 50.00 per key 

Lost keys    

€ 30.00 per key (up till 9 July 2021)

€ 50.00 per key (as from 10 July 2021)

High security bags    
€ 0.15 per bag (inclusive of VAT)

For more information about the BOV Night Safe banking service, please click here.

Important Information

Bank of Valletta p.l.c., (Bank or BOV) is committed to providing you with sufficient information that helps you to make informed decisions in relation to the acquisition of BOV products and services. We strongly recommend that you read this Product Information Guide carefully, and that you keep a copy of it for your reference.

If you would like to have anything in this Guide clarified, please feel free to contact us by e-mail to [email protected], or by calling our BOV Customer Service Centre on 2131 2020.

Throughout this Guide: the terms ‘we’, ‘us’ or ‘our’ refer to BOV and each of our subsidiaries and associated companies, the issuer of the product or service; when we use the term ‘you’ we mean you as the user of BOV products or services; when we refer to ‘customer(s)’ we mean you or other user(s) of BOV products or services as applicable.

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BOV Night Safe Banking
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