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BOV Deposit accounts
Bank of Valletta offers a complete range of deposit accounts to assist you in managing your day-to-day expenses and savings.
BOV eAccount
Switch your savings for added flexibility and more attractive interest earnings.
Terms & Conditions
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If you are looking to save money but wish to have flexibility and easy access to your funds whilst earning attractive interest rates, then the BOV eAccount is definitely the perfect solution for you. This account is an ideal alternative to a conventional savings account.

Channels available

The BOV eAccount can be managed through any of the following channels which offer you the flexibility and convenience of being able to bank in real time 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
  • BOV Cashlink Card and/or BOV Cashlink Visa Card;
  • BOV 24x7 Internet Banking Service;
  • BOV Mobile Banking and BOV Mobile Pay;
  • BOV Customer Service Centre Banking.

Deposits can also be effected at every branch through the Bank’s ATM network and the Express Deposit Service available inside our branches. 
However note that if you effect transactions on your BOV eAccount over the Bank’s counter, you will be liable to a charge.

The overdraft facility
If you’re looking for a flexible way of borrowing smaller amounts of money, an overdraft facility on your BOV eAccount could be for you. It’s free to set up and since the limit is not subject to an annual review, you need only apply once.

This facility is available upon application through your BOV branch and is subject to the Bank’s normal lending criteria.

As a BOV eAccount account holder, you may:

  • Deposit your funds anytime using self-service banking channels;
  • Manage your account with your BOV Cashlink Card and BOV VISA Electron Card,
  • Monitor your account using the Bank’s ATMs, BOV 24X7 Services and BOV Mobile,
  • Effect transfers to other accounts – your own or third parties using the BOV 24X7 Services platform,
  • Pay other BOV customers or receive payments from them using BOV Mobile Pay,
  • Provide instructions on standing orders and direct credits or debits – via your BOV 24x7 Service

  So, the BOV e-Account gives you these benefits:

  • A higher interest rate on your savings;
  • A fee-free overdraft facility on the same account subject to terms and conditions;
  • A fee-free BOV Cashlink VISA card that enables you to access your account through all ATMS and EPOS terminals displaying the VISA logo worldwide;
  • 24 hours access to your funds via BOV Mobile  and BOV 24x7 Services;
  • Interest on daily balances is paid every 22nd December and a statement is issued every end of December;
  • Payment of 15% FWT on interests earned (for Maltese residents)


Interest Rates

The interest rates currently applicable on a BOV e-Account are available here.

Interest Rates may change after this product has been acquired and  peripheral products may incur their own rates. Please contact any BOV Branch or our BOV Customer Service Centre on 2131 2020 for additional information.

Fees and Charges

Credit Facility (max €5,000)



Free of charge



Cashlink VISA card


Free of charge



Cashlink Card annual fee






BOV 24X7 Services – Withdrawals



Free of charge



If executed over the counter, the following transactions carry a penalty fee















Bill payments






Requests for transfers






Swift transfers






Transfers between accounts






Check out the Product Info Guide for the latest updated version of the Terms and Conditions.

High credit balances on non-personal account may attract a fee as specified in the Bank's Tariff of Charges
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If you are not a BOV Customer:

Click here

If you are already a BOV Customer:
  • Do you have BOV's 24x7 Internet Banking? Log On to apply
  • Contact our Customer Service Centre on +356 2131 2020 or
  • Apply at your preferred branch presenting valid identification documents - follow this link to find your branch

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