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BOV 3D Secure App
BOV 3D Secure App
Strong Customer Authentication  - BOV 3D Secure App 

When you buy goods or pay for services online, you are often required to authenticate your payments through a fraud protection tool known as 3D Secure. 

3D Secure provides an added layer of security for safer and more secure online purchases and payments in line with a new regulatory requirement known as Strong Customer Authentication (SCA). 

In order to effect 3D Secure transactions online you need to download the BOV 3D Secure app from the Google Playstore or the Apple App store. 

Here's how it works
  1. Click on the icons below to download the BOV 3D Secure App on your smartphone. You can also easily do so by scanning the respective QR Code. 

  2. Enrol one of your BOV Cards by following the instructions on your phone.  You only need to enrol one card – the rest of your valid BOV credit & debit cards will automatically be uploaded on the app. 

  3. When you need to affect an online purchase which requires 3D secure authentication, you will receive a push notification and you will be directed to access the BOV 3D Secure App.  

  4. Once, you have authenticated the purchase through the 3D Secure App on your mobile, click ‘Proceed Once Authentication is successful’, on the device you are affecting the purchase on and your transaction will be completed in seconds. 

Please ensure that you are using the latest version of the BOV 3D Secure app. If in doubt please access the app store on your device and upgrade the app. Then “unenroll” your cards from the app and re-enrol one card. If you have more than one card, these will be enrolled automatically.  

What are the minimum operating system requirements to support the BOV 3D Secure App? 

Your smart device, may be a phone or a tablet having a minimum operating system of: 
  • Android devices: minimum operating system 8.0 and above
  • Apple: minimum operating system iOS10.2 and above
The app should be downloaded in a secure, private, strong data connection. The date and time for your device should be set to be updated automatically and push notifications should be enabled. 

Push Notifications
  • For Android, go to Settings > Apps > BOV 3D Secure App > Notifications > Switch On slider
  • For Apple, go to Settings > BOV 3D Secure App > Notifications > Allow Notifications Slider On
Communications from the bank by means of an SMS must not be blocked. 

Can I download the BOV 3D Secure App to multiple devices? 

No, as a fraud mitigation measure the app can only be downloaded to one device at a time. 

What happens if I change my device?

If you purchase a new smart device and wish to install the BOV 3D Secure App on the new device, you need to unenroll your cards from the app on the 'old' device, then contact the Bank for us to update our system, before proceeding to install the app on the new device. 

The 3D Secure app is no longer letting me authorise payments biometrically -i.e. by means of fingerprint or face recognition

In this instance you need to access the 3D secure app, unenroll your cards, and re-enrol one card. If you have more than one card these will be automatically enrolled. During enrolment the biometric function will be restored.

I cannot complete enrolment due to 'Communication Error'.

1) The data connection being used is not strong enough.
In this case, restart phone, ensure that the date and time of the phone are set to CET – Central European Time - and enrol cards in a secure, strong, wifi / data connection, standing as close to the source of data/wifi as possible.

2) When the user enrolled one card and is attempting to enrol a second card.
This is completely unnecessary. Once one card is enrolled ALL cards are enrolled. In this case the you may access the BOV 3D Secure app and check that all your active cards are enrolled – you are now ready to start online shopping.

3) The card is enrolled on too many devices
When one changes the device it is necessary to unenroll from the previous device. In this instance you need to contact the Bank’s Customer Service Centre to advise of the change of device. The Customer Service Representative will update the Bank’s system, then you will need to unenroll your cards from the app on the ‘old’ device, install the BOV 3D Secure app on the new device and enrol your cards therein. 

Whilst carrying out a transaction I am not receiving the push notification to authorise the transaction by means of ‘push notification’. 

In this instance please unenrol your cards from the app, re-start your device, upgrade the app from the app store on your device and re-enrol one card to the app. If you have multiple cards these will be automatically enrolled to the app.

What happens if my card expires and I receive a renewal card? Or if I have to change my card since it is damaged?  

In this instance you do not need to take any action, you may continue to use the BOV 3D Secure app for online payments without issues.

What happens if my card is lost and I have to replace it? Or if I apply for a new card? 

If you wish to use the new card you received, or the card you received to replace the card you reported as lost, you will need to access the BOV 3D Secure app and unenroll by tapping ‘UNENROL’ on the top right hand corner. Then enrol one of your cards and automatically all your valid cards will be available to use for 3D Secure online payments.    

What happens if you do not have Wi-Fi or mobile data on your smartphone? 

Should you not have any Wi-Fi or mobile data connection at the time you are effecting the purchase, there is another method which you can use in order to authenticate the purchase by means of scanning a QR code through the 3D Secure App.

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